The real me.

I’m Krista.

If we met at the grocery store, you’d probably find me smiling, pushing a cart full of groceries. My daughter would be dancing, twirling, and humming a song. My older son would be explaining why a joke is or isn’t funny. And my littlest son would be flirting with you–AND the woman behind you.

If we met at a party, you’d probably find me laughing hysterically or telling an outrageous kid-story.

If we met at my home, I’d be wearing my apron and serving you something yummy. I’d also be smiling and hoping I brushed that spinach out of my teeth.

If we sat a coffee shop, I’d be studying my Bible or writing. Or sharing heart-to-heart with one of my girlfriends.

Why I write about abuse.

Sexual abuse is a conversation stopper.

People who’ve been abuse usually flinch and flee. The uniformed think abuse only happens in other places. Certainly it doesn’t happen in their town or under their nose. Aside from that, the conversation goes no where fast.

I’ve scoured the internet for anything that carried a voice of hope and healing. Instead, what I found discouraged me. I found either a dry, professional list of facts & resources–or a dark, account of the actual abuse.

I asked myself, Where are the Christians voicing hope and healing?

This is why I write.

The journey to complete health after sexual abuse takes time and energy. A journey like this doesn’t happen in isolation. That’s why I’m here. Many people who have been abused try to hide and avoid sharing what happened to them.

4 unavoidable steps toward healing.

Leaning hard on the promises of God in the Bible. This is non-negotiable. God created us and communicates to us through His Word. It’s impossible for the created to heal without the Creator. Skipping this part of healing only masks the severity of the wound.

Believing Jesus died for your sins. For my sins. For everyone. Sin is falling short of perfection. Sin is the inability to make flawless decisions. Sin is coming no where near the glory of God. Sin requires forgiveness because it violates the perfection of God. That violation merits death. Eternal death. Every single one of us need a Savior. And God provided that Savior for us. Jesus died the death we deserved, so that we have eternal life and full access to God, the Father. God is the only Healer this world will ever have. Have you believed in Him?

Walking in the Word. Deep wound-healing comes as a result of confronting our pain through the lens of our life in Christ in the word of God. It’s impossible to live a healthy life without internalizing these truths and then daily applying those truths. Every day. Even in the good, the bad, and the absolutely foul.

Engaging in safe community. I want this to be a safe place. Each time you read my posts I want you to feel like you’re have a quiet, private conversation with someone who won’t look away at the burdens you carry. But this blog isn’t enough. You need people. People who can look you eye-to-eye, weep with you, and offer a hug. People like that aren’t easy to find. Look for them in the church and start slowly. Let the relationship develop over time and then gradually reveal your past, taking note of the person’s response. Don’t go big and then go home hurt even more than before you shared. Guard your heart, but don’t build a fortress around it.

My commitment to you.

Each week I will write a post encouraging and challenging  you to heal. Some of you may have experienced abuse. Others haven’t. No matter who you are, every soul carries deep wounds that need a healing touch.

Every post will point you and your heart to Jesus. My hope is that–together–we’ll learn to trust Him more. That we’ll learn to let Him be our anchor of hope and will learn that we are, have always been, and we will always be loved by Him.

He knows our name and sings quietly over each of us. Let’s quiet our hearts and listen to the love song He’s singing over us as He does His healing work.





8 responses to “About

  1. Hi Krista, Your posts are thought provoking and can be related to. Keep writing! And thanks for following A mom’s blog. All the best, Zainab

  2. Hi Krista – Adriana linked to your blog today so I thought I would check it out. Although I have not had an experience of childhood sexual abuse, I have walked for many years with a friend who has and I have learned a lot from her. I’m glad you have found a forum like this to share and speak out.

    • Jeannie, thank you for taking the time to be an encouragement. I regret that I missed replying to your comment until now. But, wow! how awesome it is that God has gifted you with a tender heart and listening ear as you walk this journey with your friend. To God be the glory! 😀

  3. thanks for sharing ur story and soo thankfull that God does heal even though the scars do remain.

    • Amen! Amen! O how He makes even the scars become reminders of His gracious touch and less of the actual offense. Thanks for stopping by elisa. Your encouragement goes a long way in my heart. Blessings! 🙂

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