Security Found In God’s Word

“I don’t want to listen to you!” my four-year old son bellowed at me with red-rimmed, watery eyes, frowned face, and clenched fists at his side.

These mama eyes saw the need: a nap.

“You know what you need?” I said in my pretend, playful growl, while popping up on all-fours, leaning forward in his direction, like a lion about to pounce.

“Whaaat?” he asked, trying not to grin.

You need Mama Rock!” I boomed.

All in one motion I pounced and scooped him up, cradling him into my crisscrossed lap on the floor.

“You need to hide in Mama’s arms, and let her love on you,” I said just before I smooched his cheeks, clenched eyes, and forehead.

Then just like that, I heard the Lord speak to my heart.

That’s right. I AM the Rock. Come to Me for safety, for comfort, for warmth–every single time you need Me.

My last three posts, I’ve been addressing how to begin the healing process for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

Today, the focus is finding security and safety in God’s Word.

I am not a counselor.

Even so, the Lord continues to nudge me to voice my journey in an effort to encourage others to muster the strength to take those first steps in His direction.

Understanding the psychology of abuse or the impact abuse has upon human behavior is important. It reveals behavioral patterns, thought processes, and relational styles that deeply impact our every day lives.

The depth and weight upon our lives can be overwhelming at times.

Yet, understanding theories and statistics means nothing in light of the truth of God’s Word, the Bible.

In preparation for a book study, I read this passage in Psalm:

If an enemy were insulting me,

I could endure it;

if a foe were rising against me,

I could hide.

But it is you, a man like myself,

my companion, my close friend

with whom I once enjoyed sweet fellowship

at the house of God,

as we walked about

among the worshipers (55.12-14).

In particular, this Psalm passage cut to the chase.

Sometimes the reality of our situation, facing the damage and impact the abuse has upon our lives in the now, is overwhelming and devastating.

If it had been anything else, I could get over it…

God calls us to forgive those who sinned against us. Those who sinned actively and inactively against us.

Forgiveness releases them from me, and forgiveness releases me from being a victim. It empowers me to heal, thrive, and live in emotional freedom as I trust God to sustain me.

The reality is that, without God’s Word and His Spirit dwelling within me, I falter in pace in the healing journey.

God’s Word is vital to your healing journey.

Here’s a couple thoughts to consider as you read through His Scripture.

1. Read it slowly.

Read it multiple times. Make every effort to make understand the meaning within the passage.

22 Cast your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain you;
He will never allow the righteous to be shaken.
23 But You, O God, will bring them down to the pit of destruction;
Men of bloodshed and deceit will not live out half their days.
But I will trust in You.

Notice this is from the same Psalm as the excerpt above, and this is how the Psalmist ends.

Read it intentionally.

Cast your burden upon the Lord.

Yes, throw it. Hurl it. Unleash it. What will happen?

He will sustain you.

He will never allow the righteous to be shaken.

That was a absolute, conclusive statement, never. You may sarcastically be saying to yourself, “Yeah, right. I’ve already been shaken.”

Yes. We’ve suffered, but look at the next verse talking about God bringing the men of bloodshed and deceit to the pit of destruction. They are the ones who will ultimately be shaken–permanently, not the righteous in Christ.

Notice it ends with a definitive statement, But I will trust in You. An act of volition following a conjunction of contrast. In contrast of the shaking of the unrighteous, I choose to believe in the security within your promise. You will sustain me.

2. Insert your name.

When reading scripture passages that include truths of God’s people, substitute the noun “God’s people” for your name “Krista.” Discover how the truth penetrates your heart differently with your name inserted in the passage.

Here’s an example:

22  [Your name] Cast your burden upon the Lord and He will sustain [Your name]; He will never allow [Your name, the righteous] to be shaken.

3. Memorize it.

Commit the passage to memory. God allows tight and radical curves in our healing pathways that demand we inhale the living and active breath of God. Once Scripture is memorized, the Lord sweetly brings it to mind when our hearts begin to plunge in despair.

Sometimes The Lord has us in different seasons of growth and rest. Crawling into the cleft of the rock to protect yourself from the storm is wisdom, not cowardice.

Face the past in an effort to heal and grow, but listen to the rhythm of your journey. Is it time to dig deep and regurgitate the vile in an effort to hurl your burden upon the Lord?

Or is it time to rest and cradle in the lap of our Lord because you’re in need of tender care and comfort of Abba Rock?

What’s your next step?

Where are you in the rhythm of healing? Which Scripture verses have you committed to memory that bring you comfort during times of anxiety or fear? Share them in the comments below to encourage other survivors.

Join me on the healing journey.

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