Safety In His Nest

“Stop! You almost stepped on one!” the eight-year old screamed at me.

I lifted my foot and placed it back a full measure, searching the crab grass and clover clumps for the baby bird that had fallen from its nest. Two siblings floundered in the grass with exposed vulnerability.

“Mama, will they die?” my daughter asked me with great sincerity.

Her question coupled with the red, translucent skin tucked beneath their gingerly downed-wings awakened a sense of urgency to help the babies return to safety: in their nest, with their mama bird.

Neighborhood children cried out with anxiety and concern, simultaneously crowding in closer to form a tight circle that prevented adult intervention.

After scattering the children so that we could get closer, another mother and I cautiously–with gloved fingers–managed to get the three babies back into their nest.

The kids continued to fret and mewl over the safety of the young nestlings.

Through the noise I recalled the scripture from Matthew 10:

29 Are not two sparrows sold for a cent? And yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. 30 But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31b […] you are more valuable than many sparrows.

Not one sparrow will fall to the ground apart from your Father.

While looking at the dislocated birds, the Lord brought to mind how there have been times when I have felt helpless, misplaced, and unsafe because of my past.

Oh, how far He has grown me, healed me, strengthened me! My heart swelled thinking of His kindness toward me from nestling, to fledgling, to brancher.

Tremendous care the Lord has for sparrows, for His children.

For these fallen nestlings, the Lord permitted small children and their mothers to protect them after the trauma of the nest’s plummet to earth.

Yet, the care the Lord has for his children supersedes that of birds.

And you are more valuable than many sparrows.

Two of the birds nestled right in, apparently thankful to have the safety of the nest and the snuggle of a sibling.

The third was a little different.

Staggering, stumbling, twisting and turning about in the nest, this third baby–numerous times–managed to perch on the side of the nest, unaware and naive of danger of another nose-dive to the ground and the possible death that could ensue.

Why is that bird doing that? I remember thinking as my neighbor and I continued to redirect it back with its siblings, in the shelter of the nest.

Again, the Lord reminded me of times in my nestling stage-of-healing how I would blurt out my story to anyone and everyone. Or explode with anger when misunderstood. Or deny anyone to penetrate my heart to love me.

Yet, how lovingly He has, time and time again, proven Himself trustworthy through His extravagant love and concern for me, even though the the path to healing hasn’t been smoothly paved.

Dr. Dan Allender writes in The Wounded Heart,

The obstacle to life is the conviction that God will damage us and destroy us. The problem is that the path does involve His hurting us, but only in order to heal us (19).

Abuse (the nest falling from the tree) requires healing (replacement of nest and birds).

In order for that to happen, discomfort takes place.

The birds did not enjoy our large, gloved hands moving them from the grass to the nest any more than I enjoyed the Lord turning my face to see lingering traces of my hurt manifested through my defensive heart.

Jesus cares and loves deeply, even when it doesn’t feel like it.

His love promotes love and joy and peace.

And safety in His nest.

What’s your next step?

Do you still feel like the young nestling, still thrashing amongst the grass tufts? Cry out to the Lord and resist fighting Him as He directs your next step–even if it hurts. The Lord desires to see you well, soaring for His kingdom.

Has the Lord restored some kind of wellness within you? Consider sharing your journey with someone new for the purpose of praising the good work that the Lord has done in your heart and life. After all, hasn’t the Lord done a mighty work in you?



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